Zero Tolerance Policy | Potomac Valley Basketball Inc.

Zero Tolerance Policy

The following policies are being implemented because our goal is to provide a family atmosphere that is based on good sportsmanship and provides a resource for young players to develop their basketball skills.

The following are our behavior policy which has zero tolerance.

  • Any player involved in a physical altercation on the court or in the facilities will be suspended for 2 games and may include playoff games.
  • Any player using belligerent language doing a game or toward other players or the referees doing a game will be assess a technical foul for first offense. Second offense he will be removed from the game.
  • Coaches who use profanity toward the referees will be assessed a technical foul first offense. Second offense coach will be removed from the game.
  • Fans/ Parents that are rude, use profanity toward referees, or come onto the court will be bared from the league.

Coaches and Team Manager are responsible for informing their players, fans and parents of this policy.